How long does it take for Travel Link sports information to be updated?

It takes approximately 5 minutes to receive updated sports schedules, scores and play-by-play details from Travel Link.

Which navigation systems are capable of using SiriusXM Traffic data?

Travel Link can only report fuel prices for locations that provide gas price information. We’re always working to expand our coverage.

Are weather maps available in all vehicles equipped with Travel Link Weather?

SiriusXM transmits weather maps as part of the Travel Link service; however, in-vehicle display depends on your vehicle make and model. Please see your owner’s manual for details on your vehicle’s display capability.

What is the cost of SiriusXM Travel Link?

SiriusXM Travel Link is only available with compatible vehicle navigation systems. An introductory period of service is typically included with the purchase or lease of a new eligible vehicle. The length of your trial will vary based on your vehicle make and model. After the initial introductory period of service, you can purchase SiriusXM Travel Link for $5.99/month with an audio subscription. Other fees and taxes will apply. All fees and program are subject to change.