SiriusXM’s Top Comic is back for 2016!

Top Comic

It’s Top Comic time, everyone! This competition started off as a small, online only contest and the grand prize was a couple of grand and the title of Top Comic. That was year one. This is year seven and the grand prize is three Just for Laughs festival appearances (Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto), an appearance on The Comedy Network’s Just for Laughs All Access show and $25,000!!!!! Holy crap!!!! We’ve come a loooooong way in 7 years!

As with all things that have been around for a while, changes happen, and Top Comic is no exception. Specifically, the audition process has undergone a big overhaul. Gone is the cross country audition process; instead, we’ll only be holding audition nights in Toronto and Vancouver this year.

Less audition cities does not mean less opportunity though. We still want to see EVERYONE! So much so that we’ve implemented a $250 honorarium/grant for all the comics selected for a Top Comic audition. We will help you get to Toronto or Vancouver. If you gotta miss work or get a baby sitter, we got ya. $250 just for showing up. And we’re adding extra nights too! You’re going to have three audition nights to choose from in each market.

I know, people hate change. But this is good change. I’m so excited for this year and really proud of how far it’s come. I have a foot in two worlds as both a comic and a broadcaster and I know I’m biased, but man oh man, do I ever think we do Top Comic right. The team putting it all together is incredible, from the folks in marketing to the audio engineer – everyone is dedicated to making Top Comic the best it can be. Canadian comedy has never had such professional and devoted people working behind the scenes and I’m thankful for the great team who brings Top Comic to life year after year.

So here we are, year seven. Oof. Derek Seguin won last year and he’s been killing it (be sure to check out the Top Comic showcase at Canadian music week!) and shows no signs of slowing down. Our runners up also get prizing, btw. Matt Billon and Jordan Welwood were last year’s runner ups and will be performing at the Montreal and Toronto Just for Laughs festivals. Matt O’Brien is one of the hottest comics in the country, and he was our second ever champ:

“Winning top comic opened so many doors for me and Sirius XM has nonstop supported me in my career” – Matt O’Brien

“The whole process of competing is an odd thing for comics but Sirius XM’s Top Comic contest is the only one run by comics and is therefor quite different. It was a great experience through all three levels and there was a real feeling of brotherhood on the shows. It was a great experience and winning it has proven to be a real career boost. And the money paid for a trip to Disneyworld for me and my 3 unappreciative shithead, kids.” – Derek Seguin

I hope every comic in Canada signs up for this, from the hotshit new stand-ups to the legendary road dogs. Everybody in the pool. Top Comic is back and one of you is getting a passport to every Canadian Just for Laughs fest and $25,000.


Vancouver audition dates

June 12th, Vancouver Yuk Yuk’s

June 14th & 15th Comedy Mix

Toronto audition dates

June 20th The altDot comedy lounge @ The Rivoli

June 28th The Drake Comedy Underground

June 29th Yuk Yuk’s Super Club

Visit to sign up.

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