Skye Wallace, New Swears Are Ones to Watch on The Verge

Skye Wallace

Skye Wallace

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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:


The new single from Toronto folk rock songstress Sky Wallace’s self-titled album due out next month is a powerful song about the obstacles and frustration that women experience when they aim for greatness. ‘There Is A Wall’ is not just about the lasting affects the glass ceiling creates, but serves as a hammer to break down all the barriers around us . Skye says, “This is a song for all the untold stories, the under-appreciated, and the unseen.”


Ottawa based band New Swears are set to release their fourth album Night Mirror next month. ‘Concrete Cowboy’ is a song based on a true story that the band experienced one crazy night in Germany. While on tour, the band were parting with the locals all night and in the morning they couldn’t find one of their band members. Don’t worry, the story has a happy and funny outcome for everyone involved. I can hear some southern rock vibes of The Allman Brothers and The Doobie Brothers in this track. Let us know what you think.


Toronto band Knifey released their debut album in 2017 and will follow it up with Sleepwalker this year. The band says, “The album title refers to the stark realization that many of us have been wandering half-consciously through our lives: we’ve been drinking too much, looking at our phones too often, and taking the important thing – friend, family and health – for granted “

The star in their video for “Shallow” is a Frenchton, which is a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier mix – just in case you were thinking of getting a dog.


Vancouver 3 piece The Jins just released their Death Wish EP. “She Said” brings to mind some heavy hitters of 90’s rock like Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots with a 2019 spin. For those who wondered where grunge went, it’s alive and well. The Jins have answered your call.


Alexandria Maillot enters her second week on the watch list with “Messed It Up.” Alexandria spent nearly a decade in Vancouver working three jobs and trying to balance her musical dreams. After looking at her life and realizing that her health was being affected, she needed to make a change and get back to music. Alexandria says “I thought me moving back to the island was me giving up, but in the end it gave me a new lease on life. It’s funny how you just can’t see the full picture until you’re removed from it and are able to internalize it all in retrospect.” Her new album Benevolence is the product of this journey.

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