Bear’s Den, City and Colour Highlight This Week’s Sunday Service

City and Colour

City and Colour's Dallas Green.

Sunday Service: April 21st, 2019

Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

I’m your host for Sunday Service.   We gather every Sunday in the name of Americana Music, old and new, familiar and unknown.  I’ll catch you up on new Americana releases from the founders of folk, introduce you to emerging roots artists, cover upcoming tours, celebrate milestones and anniversaries, and feature exclusive studio recordings.

Sunday Service: April 21st 2019

  1. Bear’s Den – Crow
  2. Ryan Hicks – Newport
  3. Patty Griffin – Where I Come From
  4. Ruston Kelly – Faceplant
  5. Quote The Raven – Golden Hour
  6. Whitehorse – Night Hawks
  7. Damhnait Doyle – That’s What You Get
  8. Andrew Hyatt ft. Jessica Mitchell – Insanity
  9. Ben Rogers – A Changed Man
  10. City and Colour – Against the Grain

Bear’s Den Premiere Video for “Crow”

Next weekend, Bear’s Den are set to release So That You Might Hear Me via Rounder Records.  The U.K.-based band just released a video to go along with their stellar new song ‘Crow’ which was filmed in four different countries; with sets in Nashville, Sao Paulo, London and Brussels.  Real people are featured in the video sharing real stories.

Lead vocalist Andrew Davie says:

“The song Crow was written in memory of my Mum’s boyfriend who lived with us growing up. He was an awesome guy and somewhere between a father figure and a best friend to me but unfortunately he passed away when I was about 15. I wrote this song as I wanted to acknowledge how important and thankful I am to him for helping to raise me and my sister… With the story of the song firmly in mind we thought that a music video that celebrated the idea of family would be the most appropriate thing we could do…We firmly believe that once a song is written and recorded and available, we cannot claim it to be ours, alone, anymore. Talking openly about difficult things and also sharing those thoughts with our fans in the hope we can support each other and feel less alone in life’s harder moments…”

They hit the road in May in support of the new record. Find the dates at the band’s official website.

Meet Andrew Hyatt Through Abel

Andrew Hyatt is well known in Canadian country music, but he’s surprised us with a completely different side of both his songwriting and sound on his new EP this weekend titled ‘Abel.’  He explains, “These songs are stripped down. They are the dark parts of my life, the broken parts and the vulnerable parts.”

This Weekend’s Interviews

Mary Sue Twohy from SiriusXM’s The Village recently caught up with Patty Griffin about her new self-titled album and there’s a special coming to channel 741 on May 26th. Until then, she shared a clip about the song we’re playing on North Americana called ‘Where I Come From.’ I’ll share that with you Sunday to hold you over to May 26th.

Patty Griffin brought Ruston Kelly on tour in support of this new album.  I was lucky enough to see them both perform at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto last week and they were both incredible live!  Ruston Kelly joined us for a North Americana studio session.  I’ll share a clip from that upcoming session this weekend on the amazing recovery he’s found through his music on his new album Dying Star.

Finally, this week’s Live @ SiriusXM session is City and Colour.  Dallas Green went on an extensive solo tour back in 2017 and released his favourite songs on his new live record Guide Me Back Home. He’ll replicate the tour for us while performing live at the home of City and Colour’s label, Dine Alone Records. He’ll also talk about launching his own label, Still Records, during the session Saturday at 10 ET, Tuesday at 8 ET and Thursday at 11 ET. I wanted to give you a sneak peek, though! Dallas Green’s voice is just so enchanting. Watch the videos from this session:

More Sunday at 9 ET, talk then.

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