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Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

I’m so excited to launch a new weekly show on SiriusXM Channel #359, North Americana.  I’ll be your host for Sunday Service.   We will gather every Sunday in the name of Americana Music, to both worship our founders, and preach about new artists that you need to know. Every Sunday, I’ll catch you up on new Americana releases from the founders of folk, introduce you to emerging roots artists, and feature exclusive studio interviews & performances. It’s a look at the week that was in Americana music, and Sunday IS the day of rest, so let me provide the soundtrack.

Hear Sunday Service: 9 am/9 pm ET on SiriusXM’s North Americana

Sunday December 2nd, 2018:

  1. Mumford and Sons – Guiding Light
  2. Jesse Roper – All My Love
  3. Elvis Costello & The Imposters – Unwanted Number
  4. Jess Knights – Won’t Wait
  5. Joe Nolan – Breaking Up and Out
  6. Steph Cameron – Gold Dust Woman
  7. Rhett Miller – Total Disaster
  8. Terra Lightfoot – Pinball King
  9. William Prince – Bloom
  10. Alexandria Maillot – Make It Out

Mumford & Sons Cover…Ariana Grande with Full Orchestra?

I really wasn’t sure how I was feeling about the idea of Mumford and Sons covering pop princess Ariana Grande. I’ll admit, I almost didn’t click this link. Mumford and Sons re-imagined this song with the help of the London Contemporary Orchestra and it was nothing short of amazing!

Catch Mumford and Sons on the Road with their new album Delta:

New Frontiers: Meet Jess Knights

Jess Knights is a Canadian musician from Calgary, Alberta.  She sings the blues. She’s got soul. Funny enough, I met her at a music festival this summer when she wasn’t even performing but her heart seemed to speak for her. She played me some of these tracks in her beat up old car one evening and I can only hope this release has afforded her a new set of wheels!  There’s no doubt that she’s writing from a very honest place when it comes to her new EP Won’t Wait.

Elvis Costello Talks  ‘Look Now’ – His First Album in Five Years

Longtime fans of Elvis Costello agree that 2018’s ‘Look Now’ is his best piece of work to date complete with pop, rock, roots and everything in-between.  In a new interview with Rolling Stone, he talks about his many influences (like Springsteen), collaborations (including Carole King) and what it’s like to add a new bass player forty years later.

Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone Now and SiriusXM Volume hosted the interview and I very much enjoyed this part:

At a listening party in New York, someone asked you what your twenty-something self would think of the new album. You got so annoyed that your old self actually seemed to come out.

Well, that old self hasn’t gone away! It’s like, be careful what you wish for there, sunshine. That was a stupid question! You would not walk up to a judge and say, “When you read a book about the law when you were 10, what would you think if you saw that stupid wig on your head?” Only because there is an eternal-youth thesis about rock & roll, which is nonsense, obviously, is why you would ask that. I don’t know many people who question themselves in that way. And the ones who do tend to refer to themselves in the third person.

Terra Lightfoot Announces Live at Massey Hall Film and 2019 Tour

You’ve heard of Massey Hall before. If not in relation to Neil Young or Joni Mitchell, in relation to Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Whitehorse, or Terra Lightfoot.  The iconic Toronto venue is closed for restoration and renovation, but in the meantime, some special recordings from 2017 are here to hold us over until the next live show.  Terra Lightfoot is part of a recent Live at Massey Hall series, where her December 2017 shines the spotlight on her latest release New Mistakes. Daniel Lanois played guitar on ‘You Get High’ and she was joined by Melissa McClelland of Whitehorse for ‘Stars Over Dakota.’

She says:  “Playing Massey Hall was one of the most memorable moments of my career…Last year, it seemed like my band and I had visited every part of the globe — Japan, Australia, Europe and the UK, plus Canada and the US. Along the way, I had a lot of incredible experiences, climbed mountains real and metaphoric. And Massey Hall was one. I was honoured to play that room, thrilled that the concert was captured and excited to be able to share it with fans.”

Feel the magic of her Live at Massey Hall here:

Just announced, she’ll join Begonia & Lindi Ortega on ‘The Longest Road Show’ in early 2019. Visit

Enjoy the show, and please let me know what you loved, or what you’d like to hear in the future @BurkeTalks on Twitter.

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