Bruce Springsteen Returns With ‘Hello Sunshine’ + New Lowest of the Low

Bruce Springsteen

Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

I’m your host for Sunday Service.   We gather every Sunday in the name of Americana Music, old and new, familiar and unknown.  I’ll catch you up on new Americana releases from the founders of folk, introduce you to emerging roots artists, cover upcoming tours, celebrate milestones and anniversaries, and feature exclusive studio recordings.

Sunday Service: May 5th, 2019

  1. Bruce Springsteen – Hello Sunshine
  2. Donovan Woods – Truck Full Of Money (Acoustic)
  3. Whitehorse – Strike Me Down
  4. Ten Kills The Pack – Drunk All the Time
  5. Lowest of the Low – The Barricade
  6. The Black Keys – Eagle Birds
  7. Dave Gunning – In The Time I Was Away
  8. Willie Nelson – Ride Me Back Home
  9. Wild Rivers – Moving Target Live @ SiriusXM
  10. J.J. Cale – Chasing You

The Boss is Back With ‘Hello Sunshine’

Bruce Springsteen turns to pedal steel and orchestral strings for his new album Western Stars, coming out June 14th. It sounds like we’re in for a bit of a road trip according to the few song titles we know: ‘Somewhere North of Nashville,’ ‘Tucson Train,’ and ‘Moonlight Motel.’ Based on the title of the album itself, we can assume Springsteen has been inspired by some of his favourite Western Stars including Willie Nelson, Jimmy Webb, John Hartford and Kris Kristofferson.

The Black Keys Share Bluesy New Song ‘Eagle Birds’

The Black Keys just announced their 9th LP and their first in five years titled Let’s Rock, due out June 28th via Easy Eye Sound / Nonesuch Records.  I’m loving this new bluesy track ‘Eagle Birds’, which I’ll feature this weekend. As you know, both Dan & Pat are always busy with other solo projects but they told Rolling Stone that it was pretty easy to pick up where they left off says Auerbach:

“It’s this magic that happens with Pat and I…It was the same thing that happened when we were 16 and started playing, and magically, it just sounds like music. It was really awesome, having the break and then coming back and just playing with Pat again.”

They’ll tour this fall starting in Vegas, find the tour dates & read more HERE.

Lowest of the Low Announce Agitpop

Lowest of the Low just announced Agitpop is coming May 31st, featuring their new song ‘The Barricade’, which lends support to worker protests around the world.  Ronnie Hawkins’ says this is one of the most political records he’s ever written:

“It’s been a while since I felt the need to take the small p in the politics of my songwriting and capitalize it… But with fascism on the rise again throughout the world and with the steaming wreckage of Neo-Liberalism proving that it has no answers for the liberation of the world’s population it’s time to hit “caps lock” on that P once again. Agitpop is the new Lowest of the Low record comprised of songs about revolution and redistribution… liberation, love and justice…Songs don’t make a revolution, that’s not their job. They exist to be the oxygen we breathe or the nutrients we need to keep the blood pumping so we can get shit done. Your heart is a muscle and it’s as big as your fist.”

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