Set the Future and Get Connected with SiriusXM Streaming


Not only is SiriusXM is your guaranteed place for laughs, with SiriusXM Streaming, there are more than 200 channels of music, talk, and sports to choose from, 24/7. That means there is ALWAYS something on, wherever you go.

What do you get with SiriusXM Streaming, you ask? Let’s break it down for you:

  • Get access to 200+ channels, including exclusive online-only channels.
  • Set up your favourite channels for instant listening.
  • Discover 5000+ hours of On Demand content.
  • Watch a sneak peek of Howard Stern Video.

Want to hear today’s biggest hits? We’ve got ’em on SiriusXM Hits 1.
Got a love for Classic Rock or ’90s Grunge? Check out SiriusXM Classic Vinyl  or SiriusXM Lithium.
Looking for laughter? Tears will roll on channels like SiriusXM Canada Laughs and Comedy Central Radio.

Along with the brand new and improved SiriusXM Apps (available for iOS and Android), with SiriusXM Streaming you can access SiriusXM through a variety of in-home connected devices. Whether you have a Sonos, PlayStation 3 or 4, Apple TV or Roku, you’ll have access 150+ channels, shows On Demand, and more, all to maximize the SiriusXM listening experience.

SiriusXM Streaming goes where you go, and you can sign up now with a special 6 for 30 offer right now.

No joke.