Ben Miner

Canadian Comic Matt Billon triumphs over addiction

Matt Billon is one of Canada’s finest stand-up comics. Last year, he placed runner-up at our Top Comic finale and earned himself bookings at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival and Toronto’s JFL42. He was scheduled to do a TV taping … Continued

Ben Miner’s 5 Easy Steps to Make Christmas Interesting

Wondering how to make this year’s Christmas actually interesting? Here’s a few suggestions: Fake Pregnancy If you’re like me, you’ll be attending a few holiday get togethers. Sometimes it’s a family thing, other times you get to actually enjoy yourself … Continued

Ben Miner on Cancun, Jim Breuer and butlers

So l went to Mexico a couple weeks ago to tell jokes and do some interviews. It was amazing. Like, crazy amazing. Just for Laughs is the best comedy producer/promoter on the planet. Hands down, no argument – they’re the … Continued