Canada Laughs

Canada Laughs’ Guest Spot with John Wing

John Wing is a master stand-up comic. Originally from Canada and now living in Los Angeles, he’s done everything from the Tonight Show and America’s Got Talent, to all of the festivals you can think of. John Wing is one … Continued

Canada Laughs’ Ben Miner on dark comedy

Dark comedy – it’s a very specific thing. In my opinion, it’s the hardest kind of comedy to do. As comics, we’re used to tiptoeing around all sorts of topics and social mores. Dark comedians don’t tiptoe, they calmly walk … Continued

Ben Miner’s 5 Easy Steps to Make Christmas Interesting

Wondering how to make this year’s Christmas actually interesting? Here’s a few suggestions: Fake Pregnancy If you’re like me, you’ll be attending a few holiday get togethers. Sometimes it’s a family thing, other times you get to actually enjoy yourself … Continued

Ben Miner on Cancun, Jim Breuer and butlers

So l went to Mexico a couple weeks ago to tell jokes and do some interviews. It was amazing. Like, crazy amazing. Just for Laughs is the best comedy producer/promoter on the planet. Hands down, no argument – they’re the … Continued