Classic Rock

Classic Rock rules this long weekend

Just as the U.S.A. have their Founding Fathers to thank for securing their Independence from Britain this Fourth of July, so too do we have the Founding Fathers of Rock to thank for revolutionizing rock’s vinyl era. Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26) is … Continued

Get ready for the ultimate Desert Trip

Are you ready for a Desert Trip? That’s what they’re calling the MASSIVE festival taking place in Indigo, California this October. Check out the lineup: The Rolling Stones Bob Dylan Paul McCartney Neil Young + Promise of the Ral Roger … Continued

40 years of KISS Destroyer

KISS, as most people know, have a hard time getting respect. Maybe its the make-up. Maybe its their crass commercialism. Maybe its the fact that musically they’ve always been fairly simplistic. But for every critic who has dismissed the band, … Continued

SiriusXM Remembers George Martin

If you want to call someone the fifth Beatle, than George Martin is the only person who rightly deserves that title. It was Martin who signed the Fab Four to Parlophone Records after virtually every other label reject the band … Continued