Classic Vinyl

Desert Trip takes over Classic Vinyl

The term ‘once in a lifetime’ gets thrown around a lot, no doubt about that. But Desert Trip, the massive two weekend concert at the site of Coachella is actually a once in a lifetime event. Check out the line-up: … Continued

Classic Rock rules this long weekend

Just as the U.S.A. have their Founding Fathers to thank for securing their Independence from Britain this Fourth of July, so too do we have the Founding Fathers of Rock to thank for revolutionizing rock’s vinyl era. Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26) is … Continued

Burton Cummings to enter the Canadian Music Hall of Fame

When it comes to legendary Canadian vocalists, they don’t get any bigger than Burton Cummings. The singer for The Guess Who wrote or co-wrote some of their most enduring anthems, including “American Woman”, “No Time”, “Share The Land”, “These Eyes” … Continued