SiriusXM’s Top Comic is back for 2016!

It’s Top Comic time, everyone! This competition started off as a small, online only contest and the grand prize was a couple of grand and the title of Top Comic. That was year one. This is year seven and the … Continued

The Canada Laughs guide to holiday shopping

It’s that time of year where everyone complains about the over-commercialization of the holidays and how it’s ruined the genuine sentiment behind everything blah blah blah here’s where you can spend some of your money! With comedians!!! You heard me, … Continued

Celebrate 25 years of Humble and Fred

Beginning 25 years ago, in small radio station studio in Brampton, Ontario, “Humble” Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson have gone on to become icons and pioneers in Canadian broadcasting. Shunned and discarded by the big radio companies in 2011, Humble … Continued