Ben Miner on the comedy road out west

When I started doing stand-up many years ago, one of the ways you proved your worth as a comic was by heading out west for a run. It’s still sort of the same, but back then Canadian comedy was one … Continued

Canadian comics are killing it

December 9th will mark my 16 year stand up anniversary. Pretty unreal that I’ve managed to stick around this long. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, I’ve been witness to ebbs and flows. Having said that, I’ve … Continued

Laugh Out Loud With JFL42 And SiriusXM

JFL42,  the gathering of some of the biggest names in comedy, is currently happening in and around Toronto, not far from SiriusXM Canada’s downtown HQ. Not only is all the killer comedy taking over the town, the laughs from JFL42 are all … Continued