Julie Mason

Julie Mason searches for the Cocaine Cowboy

Trey Radel was a Republican lawmaker from Florida busted in 2013 buying an 8-ball of cocaine in Washington, DC. During his brief stint in Congress, Radel was noted for quoting Public Enemy on the floor of the House and maintaining … Continued

Politics and Pluto: Julie Mason’s top stories

This week in the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel 124 we covered the historic nuclear deal with Iran and its orbiting political issues, NASA’s glorious Plutonic fly-by, Donald Trump, and a minor eruption in White House press … Continued

Pillory Hillary: Julie Mason and her top political stories

Heard any good evasions lately? While Democratic voters yawned and complained, national political reporters went scary crackers covering Hillary Clinton’s disclosure that she never used a government email system — effectively thwarting open records laws and her own declared standards … Continued

Dive Into The Press Pool With Julie Mason

Julie Mason SiriusXM POTUSA common refrain on the Press Pool with Julie Mason this week: Remember when August was a slow news month? It used to be safe for journalists and presidents to be like lawmakers and take long, desultory vacations in August. … Continued

Back to Iraq: Julie Mason’s top political stories

Another international crisis dominated politics in Washington this week. President Obama’s decision to send 300 “military advisors” to Iraq also flushed some members of the previous administration out of their bunkers – notably irascible former Vice President Dick Cheney. In … Continued