Top Comic

Find out Thursday who becomes SiriusXM’s Top Comic

Don’t miss the SiriusXM Top Comic finale, airing live on Canada Laughs from Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theater, hosted by Canada Laughs’ Ben Miner and featuring a performance from headliner Tom Green! After Canada-wide auditions and a national online vote, eight … Continued

SiriusXM’s Top Comic is back for 2016!

It’s Top Comic time, everyone! This competition started off as a small, online only contest and the grand prize was a couple of grand and the title of Top Comic. That was year one. This is year seven and the … Continued

Ben Miner on Top Comic and Touring

Top Comic is back! Pretty exciting times around the studios, as this is year six of the competition and everyone’s pumped. It had humble beginnings too. Top Comic was originally all web based with no live shows. It’s now grown … Continued