The Dean Obeidallah Show: US Media’s Double Standard If Suspect is Muslim

The Dean Obeidallah Show: US Media’s Double Standard If Suspect is Muslim

On Saturday morning a man driving an armored van unleashed a barrage of gunfire at a Dallas police station and planted bombs outside the police headquarters in the hopes of killing police officers. He was chased by the police and killed a short time later. The story did get some media coverage but if the man who waged this assault on the Dallas police had been Muslim, it would have been called a “terrorist attack” and dominated the headlines and cable news channels. Instead since the gunmen, Jim Boulware, was a white, non-Muslim, the media refrained from using the term “terrorist” to describe him. Instead, as I discussed with Ali Velshi, host of Al Jazeera America’s “Ali Velshi on Target,” the media’s focus was on the man’s alleged mental illness, which is what the media always does when the suspect is not Muslim or of color.  Velshi, as you can hear below, also noted that a few months ago when there was an attack by a Muslim man on a Canadian soldier, the Canadian media discussed the mental problems of the man, but the US media lazily stopped any investigation into motivation once they discovered the gunmen was Muslim:

“Freeze Ni**er Dead!” Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” that airs Monday through Thursday immediately after “The Daily Show,” joined the show and shared a story about when he was a kid, white police officers broke into a house next his own while chasing a black suspect. The police drew their guns and yelled at the black man they were pursuing: “Freeze Ni**er Dead.” Wilmore explained how the white police officers calling a black suspect “the N word” has stayed with him over the years. But at same time Wilmore explained that since his father worked in law enforcement as a probation officer, he was also exposed to law enforcement in positive ways as well. Larry shares the gripping story of the police screaming “Freeze Ni**er Dead” here:

US troops versus ISIS is exactly what ISIS wants. Laith Alkhouri, NBC News counterterrorism analyst and Director of MENA analysis & research at Flashpoint Global Partners,  was back on the show and made it clear that US troops can’t be alone in the fight versus ISIS because that will help ISIS recruit and raise funds. Alkhouri emphasized that the fight versus ISIS cannot be just be about military options but a multifaceted approach including battling ISIS use of social media to recruit. Alkhouri responds to President Obama’s announcement last week to send more US troops to Iraq to counter ISIS:

Do you know what Ramadan is or why it’s part of Islam? Well, Kameelah Rashad, the Muslim chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania, explained it all. While the month of Ramadan is marked by Muslims fasting from sunrise to sunset, it means much more to Muslims then just going hungry all day. Hear all about the how and why of Ramadan:

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