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In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy eventually found out that the power to return home was just a click of the heels away. Jonathan Schloo, a successful tech entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, had his ruby-slippers moment when he realized that the power he needed for camping and emergencies was just a couple of clicks of his mouse and some old-fashioned ingenuity away.

After selling his tech company and buying an Airstream RV, Jonathan and his family set out on the road to discover new destinations but quickly realized that the best campsites didn’t always have power.

While a lot of RV owners will simply lug around a loud, heavy portable gas generator that doesn’t always start, Jonathan figured that there had to be a better way to get AC power for his campsites. So, he bought an inexpensive AC inverter and hooked it up to his truck. Without putting too much stress on his alternator, Jonathan realized that he could generate enough power to run a cappuccino maker, power a TV and satellite receiver, charge up his laptop, and power his blender.

A few months later, Toronto experienced a serious ice storm that knocked out power to thousands, including Jonathan and his family. Thinking back to the ease with which he was able to power his campsite, Jonathan hooked up his inverter – running off of his car – to his furnace, to see if it might provide enough power to run the furnace’s electronics and fan. Lo and behold, it worked! Shortly thereafter, he built a weatherized case, bought some ultra-high-quality heat-resistant booster cables that would withstand extended use, and used the gas tank, motor, and alternator built into his SUV to provide him and his family with enough power to run their home essentials until his power came back on. Yes, they had to shut off the wine fridge, and forgo a dip in the hot tub, but with 1000W coming from an inverter, Jonathan and his family were able to keep living in their house during the blackout, while other neighbours had to escape to hotels or friends’ houses until the power came back on, without having to deal with the tiny gas tank, frequent refills, and unfiltered emissions of a conventional gas generator

It was the need for off-grid power, and the realization that most of the component pieces of a good generator are already built into our cars, that got Jonathan thinking, and eventually resulted in his development of CarGenerator.

Whether you buy a weatherized, plug-and-play CarGenerator, or just build your own inverter-based DIY-solution, don’t forget that your car is already 75% of a generator. Add the other 25% with a good inverter and you’ll have reliable, maintenance-free power when you need it, to keep your house running in a blackout. There really is, no place like home. Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, the power you need has been at your feet (or in your driveway) the whole time.

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