Watch exclusive performances & interviews with 2020 GRAMMY Awards nominees

2020 Grammy Awards

In case you missed it, the 2020 GRAMMY Awards nominees include Lizzo earning eight noms, Taylor Swift‘s “Lover” in the running for Song of the Year, Vampire Weekend‘s first album in eight years (Father of the Bride) up to win two categories, and plenty of other noteworthy nods for SiriusXM favorites.

Needless to say, the internet has opinions. Form your own with our refresher course on the SiriusXM app featuring video moments with some of the year’s nominees, from Billie Eilish performing “See Me in a Crown” to the late Nipsey Hussle talking stem cell research and beyond. Click the button below to see the highlights On Demand now.

Plus — Take SiriusXM’s 2020 GRAMMY Awards poll here, and check out some SiriusXM clips featuring this year’s nominees.

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