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Privacy Notice

Updated: November 11, 2022

Why are we providing this notice?

The Sirius XM Dealer App (the “App”) is intended for use by commercial dealers of automotive vehicles (“Dealers”) and allows Dealers to send a refresh signal to a valid satellite radio. This Privacy Notice provides you with information about the data collected, shared, and used by Sirius XM Canada Inc. (“Sirius XM”, “us” or “we”) and your options with regard to such data use when you download and use the App. We control and operate the App from Canada for the sole purpose of supporting Dealers in Canada. The App is not intended for use in any jurisdiction outside Canada.

What information is covered by this notice?

When the App is used for the purpose of performing a satellite radio signal refresh (“Signal Refresh”), the following data is collected and sent to Sirius XM: the Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”) and the Radio ID (“RID”). You may select how to submit the data (1) by directing the App at the VIN plaque on the vehicle and following instructions to initiate the collection; or (2) by typing the VIN or RID directly into the fields of the App and following the prompts. If you type the information directly into the App, you are responsible for confirming the accuracy of the information you submit.

We collect information about the device onto which the App is installed and used, including the type of device with which you are accessing the App such as the smartphone make and model, the operating system version for the device you are using and, if you enable push notifications, the mobile device identifier.

We will also collect information related to the use of the App such as the method of input you selected, and whether the satellite radio identified by the VIN or RID was successfully refreshed.

This information is used for our internal business purposes, including research and evaluation of services provided through the App and is associated to the particular device that was refreshed. We also may associate information from the App with any car dealership within 250 meters that is relevant to the device being refreshed. We do not collect personally identifying information from or through the App. We retain the information we collect about you and your usage of the App for three years or as otherwise may be required by law, in order to better predict and support usage of the App, to refine and improve the service, and to support legal and regulatory obligations or requirements.


Location data

We do not collect location of the device on which the App is downloaded without your consent. The App may request you turn on “location services” at first use and again each time you attempt to perform a signal refresh on an inactive radio, if you have not already enabled it to do so. When “location services” are enabled, the geographic location of the device on which the App is downloaded is sent to Sirius XM only at the time you request the signal refresh. We use the geolocation to confirm the location of the App requesting the radio refresh with its expected location based on dealer records, in order that you may demonstrate the Sirius XM service to potential car buyers.

If you choose not to enable the geolocation tool, you will not have optimal functionality of the App. For example, the App may not be as effective to perform a signal refresh, or it will not match your signal refresh to a dealership location, and you will not be able to activate the demonstration mode for Sirius XM services on an inactive vehicle.

How is information shared?

We may share the information we collect with third parties who act as our service providers or contractors. These third parties may use the information only to assist us with our business purposes and for no other purpose. We do not sell, lease, rent, or trade any information we collect from the App or the App usage.

Privacy complaints

All privacy-related inquiries should be made via email to:

Sensitive personal information should not be sent via email.

Inquiries by mail should be directed to:

Sirius XM Canada Inc.
1000-351 King Street East
Toronto ON M5A 0L6

Attn: Privacy Officer

Notification of changes

We may revise and update this Privacy Policy at any time for any reason, which will be reflected in the date noted at the top of the Privacy Policy (“Effective Date”). The changes will become effective upon publication on our website and will apply to all uses of the App. By continuing to use the App after the Effective Date, you consent to the terms of the revised Privacy Policy. We recommend that you visit this Privacy Policy regularly to ensure that you are familiar with its current terms.

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