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Now on Garmin aera® 660, Garmin Pilot™ app & more

SiriusXM Aviation is available on the NEW Garmin GDL™ 51/51R, GDL 52/52R which works with Garmin Pilot™, the portable aera® 660 and aera 795/796 and the G3X Touch™. The GXM™ 42 SXM receiver works with the portable aera 510, 560, 796, & GPSMAP® 696.

You can also add SiriusXM radio to your subscription at a discount.

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Hardware and Package Compatibility

Equipment BrandPilot ExpressPilot PreferredPilot ProPilot for ForeFlight
GarminGXM 42GXM 42GXM 42
GarminG3X TouchG3X TouchG3X Touch
GarminGDL69/ 69A SXM* GDL69/ 69A SXM* GDL69/ 69A SXM*
GarminGDL™ 51/52
GDL™ 51R/52R
GDL™ 51/52
GDL™ 51R/52R
GDL™ 51/52
GDL™ 51R/52R
GDL™ 51/52
GDL™ 51R/52R
Audio Unavailable

3 Months Free Offer

Get the first 3 months of SiriusXM Pilot Preferred or Pilot for ForeFlight* Aviation Weather package and the SiriusXM All Access audio programming package at no cost with purchase of the Garmin GDL™ 51/51R and 52/52R, and a SiriusXM subscription.

*SiriusXM Audio not available

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1 NOTE: The SiriusXM Service may include traffic, weather and other content and emergency alert information and data. Such information and data is not for “safety for life,” but is merely supplemental and advisory in nature, and therefore cannot be relied upon as safety critical in connection with any aircraft, sea craft, automobile, or any other usage. The availability and display of service features and SiriusXM Audio varies by hardware provider.

*The GDL69/ 69A was previously available with XMWX service. For units manufactured prior to 2015 please view legacy XMWX Aviation features.