Installation videos

Watch these simple step-by-step instructional videos to learn more about installing Plug & Play radios:

Chapter 1

1.0 Introduction

Chapter 2

2.0 Mounting the radio
2.1 Mounting the radio on an air vent
2.2 Mounting the radio on the windshield
2.3 Mounting the radio on the dash

Chapter 3

3.0 Antenna installation
3.1 For Sedans and SUVs
3.2 For Pickup Trucks
3.3 For Convertibles

Chapter 4

4.0 Connecting audio and power
4.1 Connecting with an auxiliary input jack
4.2 Connecting with a cassette adapter
4.3 Connecting with an FM transmitter antenna

Chapter 5

5.0 Activating your SiriusXM Service

Chapter 6

6.0 Hints and Tips

If you choose professional installation, you get the benefit of having someone else take care of it for you. An authorized SiriusXM retailer can direct you towards a reliable professional installation option. Your installation can vary depending on the type of unit you own.