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Classic Rewind's Top 500 Cassette-Era Songs

Friday, November 27th, 12:00 am

Classic Rewind's Top 500 Cassette-Era Songs

Channel 25

Channel 25

Subscribers have chosen the 500 cassette-era songs they are most thankful for, and Classic Rewind counts them down throughout the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Saturday, November 28th, 12:00 am
Sunday, November 29th, 12:00 am

Stone Gossard's Thanksgiving Weekend Takeover

Friday, November 27th, 9:00 am

Stone Gossard's Thanksgiving Weekend Takeover

Channel 22

Channel 22

Stone Gossard is on Pearl Jam Radio all Thanksgiving Weekend to hangout and share his favourite Pearl Jam songs!

Friday, November 27th, 4:00 pm
Friday, November 27th, 10:30 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 2:30 am
Saturday, November 28th, 11:30 am
Saturday, November 28th, 9:00 pm
Sunday, November 29th, 5:30 pm

Potluck Weekend

Friday, November 27th, 11:30 am

Potluck Weekend

Channel 30

Channel 30

Thanksgiving is always better with friends. We’ve serving up an extra helping of collaborations and sit-ins all weekend long.

Friday, November 27th, 5:30 pm
Friday, November 27th, 11:00 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 12:00 am
Saturday, November 28th, 12:00 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 2:30 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 6:00 pm
Saturday, November 28th, 8:30 pm
Sunday, November 29th, 12:00 am
Sunday, November 29th, 10:30 am
Sunday, November 29th, 2:00 pm
Sunday, November 29th, 4:30 pm
Sunday, November 29th, 8:00 pm
Sunday, November 29th, 10:30 pm

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