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WM-3 Weather Receiver for B&G, Lowrance & Simrad

WM-3 Receiver

Bring the power of an entire weather bureau to your B&G Zeus, Zeus Touch Displays, Lowrance HDS® or Simrad NS Series chart screen, including weather radar, current and forecasted marine zones and surface buoys, plus over 150 audio channels all controlled directly from your Multifunction Displays. WM-3 operates with the new SiriusXM North America satellite system, and is plug-and-play compatible with B&G Zeus, Zeus Touch Displays, Lowrance HDS® or Simrad NS Series Multifunction Displays. SiriusXM audio packages can be added to any Marine Inland, Marine Coastal, or Marine Offshore weather subscriptions at a discount.

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WM-3 Features

WM-3 Receiver Radar, Lightning & Tropical Storm Track Screen

Radar, Lightning & Clouds

WM-3 Receiver Sea Surface Temperatures Screen

Marine Zones & Weather Radar

WM-3 Receiver Storm Cells &  Waves Screen

Storm Cells & Waves

WM-3 Receiver Marine Zones Screen

Marine Zones

You have the ability to receive high-quality and comprehensive weather information and forecasting that you can overlay onto your raster and vector charts. You will be provided with premium weather content, such as current weather reports, NOWRad® nationwide high resolution weather radar imagery and high-resolution Sea Surface Temperature images that can help fishermen locate hot spots. Hardware and the SiriusXM weather service subscription are sold separately.

  • Works with B&G, Lowrance and Simrad chartplotters/MFDs
  • Compatible with SiriusXM Marine Weather Marine Offshore, Coastal and Inland Packages
  • Up-to- date weather forecasting based on your location while at sea
  • High resolution surface temperatures, coastal and Great Lakes waves, and wind speed and direction available depending on Sirius subscription.
  • Animated NOWRad® weather radar including lightning, storm cells and Canadian weather radar information delivered as an overlay right to on chartplotter display
  • Detailed NOAA Marine Zone Forecasts and surface buoy reports let you know the conditions offshore before you leave the dock
  • Pressure isobars and frontal boundaries
  • Squall lines and surface pressure
  • Wind forecasts using wind barbs or arrows
  • Marine text forecasts and alerts
  • Buoy data reports
  • Wave height forecasts
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio controls on screen
  • Compact tri-cable splitter for installation flexibility. The innovative splitter has four high-bright LEDs that show power, network activity, antenna faults and audio sequences for failure indications.
  • Optional 33-foot extension cable – As many as two optional 10m extension cables can be added to the WM- 3’s existing 33-foot cable length for a total length of 30m (99 ft.) to meet various installation needs