David Beckham remembers the moment Lionel Messi signed with Miami

David Beckham

David Beckham looks back on the night he found out Lionel Messi had signed with Inter Miami CF and more during a new episode of “This Life of Mine with James Corden” — exclusively on SiriusXM’s Stars (Ch. 109) via the SiriusXM app and car radios.

David shared with James that he had been in bed in Japan when he received the phone call that Lionel “Leo” Messi was signing for Miami.

“We’d been talking to Leo’s father for a long time … Five years,” David said. “Me and my partner in Miami sneaked into a hotel to meet Leo’s dad five years prior to him signing for us. And we had a meeting with him, and I said, ‘Look, I know Leo’s not ready now, but I want your son to play for my club in the future.’ So, fast forward five years. We knew that month that there was a decision to be made, because Leo had announced that he was leaving PSG. So, four or five A.M. in Japan, and I’m in bed, and my phone keeps buzzing and buzzing and buzzing … I then see, ‘Leo Messi has decided to come to Miami.’ And I get goosebumps now. I sit up in my bed, and I start crying.”

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