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Toronto International Film Festival

This week sees the return of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for its 48th edition. TIFF kicks off September 7 and will run through September 17, and will feature an amazing array of films from around the world.

SiriusXM Canada Talks 167 will be sharing exclusive coverage of TIFF over the course of 10 days, including exclusive interviews and live-from-the-ground coverage.

The Breakdown with Allison Dore will kick off coverage on September 7, with interviews with TIFF officials to discuss the state of the festival in 2023. You’ll hear Allison also talk with TIFF filmmakers D.W. Waterson (Backspot), and Suvi West and Anssii Komi (Homecoming).

The Shaun Proulx Show will be live at the Toronto International Film Festival on Thursday and Friday from 1-3 pm ET. Shaun will go behind the scenes and explore the history of the festival with guest Sari Ruda, widow of TIFF co-founder Bill Marshall. Shaun will also showcase some of the great films showing at the festival (including Redlights, Meteor, I Don’t Know Who You Are, Bloom), highlighting Canadian filmmakers and talent.

Check back for updates on Toronto International Film Festival coverage on SiriusXM Canada Talks 167 throughout the week as we celebrate one of the biggest events of the year.

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