Ruby Waters, JJ Wilde are Ones to Watch on The Verge

Ruby Waters
Ruby Waters

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Ruby Waters first began her career as a street busker, raising money to support herself while she travelled around Canada. Waters has offered us the song ‘Supernatural’, the title track from her 2019 record. This is a song that Waters describes as ‘the feeling of diving into something headfirst’.

JJ Wilde – “The Rush”

Kitchener’s JJ Wilde has nearly 500 songs in her catalogue to date, a feat not many musicians can claim. Despite the depth of her library, Wilde has been open about the fact that music may never be her full-time career, and I can’t blame her. Music isn’t an easy gig and she currently works three jobs when she isn’t on stage belting out songs like “The Rush.” The music video for the tune features a group of half-naked men and women writhing on the floor together as the song floods the room. The rhythm of this song is unavoidably sexual in its guitar tones and when you match that with Wilde’s raspy voice. “The Rush” comes from her EP Wilde Eyes, Steady Hands.

Stuck on Planet Earth –  “Higher Than the Drugs”

Forming in Vaughan Ontario, Stuck on Planet Earth has been grinding away in the indie scene for a while now. The band has three EPs under their belt and they felt ready to hit it big with their new track, “Higher Than the Drugs.”

TOPS – “I Feel Alive”

TOPS are Montreal’s dream-pop four-piece and they have just released their brand new single, “I Feel Alive.” It was recorded in a basement in Montreal as the band was in the middle of testing out new members. Seems that the current lineup was exactly what they needed because the end result was this beautiful tune.