Home installation

There are two routes you can take when it comes to installing your new Sirius or XM gear: you can do it yourself, or have it professionally installed.

Home antenna placement tips

Getting a good signal is essential to enjoying SiriusXM programming. Our antenna placement tips can help you find the optimum location for your antenna so you can receive the best reception possible.

Best: Place your antenna on the roof

Since the antennas are weatherproof, it’s always best to place them outside on your roof. The clearer the view of the sky that your antenna has, the less likely you are to experience signal loss. Placing your antenna on the roof may require the purchase of an antenna extension cable. Use the map below to optimize your antenna placement.

Better: Place your antenna outside

Sometimes it’s easier to place your antenna outside of a window or to mount it on the side of your house. Either way, you should still try to give your antenna a clear view of the sky. If this is the best option for you, use the map below to optimize your antenna placement.

Good: Place your antenna near a window

In addition to our 3 satellites, we also make use of terrestrial repeaters in major metropolitan areas to boost our signal. In these areas, it may be possible to receive the SiriusXM signal with your antenna placed inside your home. We recommend placing your antenna in or near a window. Again, use the map below to optimize your antenna placement. Wherever you decide to place your antenna, you should experiment with positioning to receive the best signal.

Canadian Antenna Configuration Map

Testing your antenna signal strength​

Although the sound quality isn’t affected by the strength of the signal, the likelihood of sound interruption is greater when your signal is weak. Testing your antenna signal strength is a good way to avoid interruptions. Most of our Plug & Play systems and home units have special antenna aiming screens within their menu options. Consult your product manual for instructions. In all models, the signal quality bars on the screen indicate how well your antenna is receiving the signal. Ideally, you should have the maximum number of bars illuminated.

Tip: Don’t bolt down your antenna the moment you get a good signal. Wait a day or two and listen at different times of the day to ensure a solid signal at all times. Metal window screens can disrupt or block the signal.

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