10 Canadian comics to check out at JFL Toronto, hear highlights of the fest on JFL Canada

JFL Toronto 2022

Hi! Ben Miner here. I run JFL Canada, and I’m a comic blah blah blaaaaaah. Starting Thursday, September 22nd and running through October 1st is JFL Toronto, a massive showcase for comics. We’ll be playing highlights from the festival on JFL Canada on September 30th and October 1st.

Now listen, I talk a lot. I know this. But if you’re in town for JFL Toronto, you should for sure pay attention to the list I’ve written below of 10 Canadian Comics to check out. Not that I’m the boss of you. But if I was, I’d say pay attention to the list. There are so many great Canadian comics and you should see all of them, but for sure see these ones!

Che Durena

Che might just be the hottest comic out of Canada currently. He’s gained a huge audience online due to his Tik Tok, 7 million + followers can’t be wrong. Don’t mistake him for just being an influencer, though; he’s put the time in on stage and has the goods.

Courtney Gilmour

Courtney Gilmour is one of the hardest-hitting acts in stand-up; she smashes shows. You may have seen her as a finalist on this past season of Canada’s Got Talent, or maybe you’ve seen her on CBC or any other number of TV appearances. My point is you have a chance to see her live and in person. Do that.

Hisham Kelati

Few comics have made the quick impact that Hisham has. In a short time, he’s gone from unknown to being a Juno-nominated comic and one of the most in-demand acts in comedy. His bit about his mom having nine confirmed kills is worth the price of a festival pass in and of itself.

Ivan Decker

Ivan is a comic I’ve known forever and gigged with a bunch; I can honestly say I’ve never seen him do anything but kill on stage. I sincerely cannot remember seeing him struggle even a little bit; he’s a sure bet in the truest of senses. He’s won a Juno, performed on Conan’s show and done every single fest out there.

Darcy Michael

Darcy is another stand-up who’s blown up on Tik Tok and is an absolute room rocker on stage. He’s one of the country’s most respected headliners and now content creators. Darcy is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known, and if you go see him, I guarantee you share that opinion.

Hoodo Hersi

Hoodo is a comic that makes me excited for the future of Canadian comedy. She’s so damn funny but also humble. I ran into Hoodo at Comedy Bar in Toronto this summer, and we had a nice chat; a week later, I saw her on Late Night w/ Seth Meyers. She never mentioned it during our convo. Do you know how cool that is? I’m surrounded by comics who brag about nothing gigs, and here’s Hoodo on US network tv, and she’s super chill about it. The future is bright!

Marito Lopez

Only go see Marito Lopez if your cardio is on-point. He is one of the most dynamic and engaging performers I’ve ever seen, the energy he brings to the stage is staggering and intoxicating. I dare you to not want to be his bud by the end of his show. Marito is funny taken human form.

Ola Dada

Let me tell you about Ola. He’s very good. Very very good. He has quickly become one of Canada’s most in-demand comics, having made stops at all the fests and Canada’s Got Talent as well. Writing meets performance, and it’s all wrapped up in a persona you want to cheer on. Ola will be a theatre act sooner than later; here’s your chance to see him before he blows up!

Mark Little

Mark Little is super talented. He’s a comedy triathlete. Basically, he crushes all of the comedy stages. Stand-up, improv, sketch – he’s top tier across the board.

Sophie Buddle

Sophie Buddle is on her way to being a very big deal. She’s been performing stand-up since she was like 15 years old or something; she’s now in her 20s, and good lord, is she ever funny. Oh, she’s a Juno winner also. And tv writer. Just go see her and make yourself look cool by doing so.

Russell Peters

I know I said 10 comics, but Russell has transcended everything, including lists. He’s homegrown, Toronto born and bred, and the biggest stand-up export Canada has ever known. His street party, Russell Peter’s Mix Tape Live, will feature hip-hop legends like Big Daddy Kane and Flavor Flav and a bunch more. It’s probably the coolest event you’ll attend all year. Do it.