13 things about Yung Gravy from his interview with Fibula on SXM

TikTok Radio Fibula and Yung Gravy on SiriusXM Canada

Yung Gravy, a 26-year-old rapper from Minnesota with a huge following on TikTok (who contributes some of the most-used music on the app) sat down to speak with another huge TikTok influencer — Connor Wood, better known as Fibula.

If you’ve spent anytime on TikTok, you’ll recognize Yung Gravy’s viral earworms like “Mr. Clean,” “oops!” and his most recent song, “Betty (Get Money).” Here are 13 things we learned about Yung Gravy from his conversation with Fibula on TikTok Radio (Ch. 4).

1. He likes his music described as “new Memphis.”

He used to call it “Memphis trap white-boy music.”

2. He’ll forever consider himself a SoundCloud rapper.

He blew up on the platform while in college.

3. For the first two songs he ever recorded, he used GarageBand.

Now he uses Logic.

4. He confirms he’s somewhere between 6’7″ and 6’8″.

He said 6’6” in a song because it flowed off the tongue better than 6’7.”

5. TikTok doesn’t change the way he writes music.

His music and the samples he uses just naturally lend themselves to the platform.

6. He used girls’ voices from the site Fiverr for the chant at the end of “oops!”

Usually he features people he knows personally, but this was a last-minute addition.

7. Having a tour bus changed his life.

He can finish his shows, sleep on the bus, and be at the next venue in the morning without the hassles of airports.

8. He has no plans to slow down.

He’s really been enjoying being creative and making music right now.

9. He meditates before every show.

And he’d love to do meditation voiceover work.

10. His album is done and coming this fall.

It’s the longest album he’s ever made, and it’s nearly ready to come out.

11. Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco and Smash Mouth have both slid into his DMs.

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter also told him that her dad is a big fan.

12. He used to have beef with Jack Harlow.

Their managers didn’t get along, but now everybody’s cool.

13. Someone dropped a bulletproof vest on his toe right before he went on stage at an all-women’s commune.

You’ll have to hear the full interview to unpack that one.

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