13 Things You Need to Know About Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version)

Channel 13

On Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version), you’ll get to journey through her musical eras with continuous Taylor Swift music, plus messages of love and fandom from Swifties themselves.

If you’re ready for it, find out everything you need to know about Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) here.

1. It’s on channel 13

A nod to Taylor’s favourite number, Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) will proudly sit on our lineup in the 13th slot.

2. It’s available on both satellite and streaming

You’ll be able to listen to Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) in your car, at home on your smart speaker, and anywhere you go with the SiriusXM app.

3. But only for a limited time

Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) officially launches on April 7 and continues through May 6.

4. It will play all Taylor’s Versions all the time

It’ll be all Taylor, all the time, for 30 days straight on Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version).

5. It spans “Fearless” to “Midnights” and beyond

You’ll hear songs from “Fearless,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” “1989,” “Lover,” “folklore,” “evermore,” and “Midnights,” including Vault Tracks, live tracks, bonus tracks, and more.

And, of course, songs from THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT join the rotation on April 19.

6. It’s not confined to one genre

From country to pop, folk to alternative rock, this channel follows Taylor’s cross-genre career journey.

7. All songs on Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) are owned by Taylor Swift

The channel name says it all.

8. We let the music speaks for itself

The music on Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) will be at the forefront, interwoven with special fan messages.

9. It lifts up the voices of Swifties

Those special fan messages will come in the form of personal, authentic recordings from true Swifties about the power and importance of Taylor Swift.

10. It’s family-friendly

This will be a “clean” channel, with no explicit versions of songs. Happy listening with the little Swifties in your life!

11. THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT releases on the channel’s 13th day

On April 19, we’ll celebrate the release of Taylor’s 11th studio album by playing it in full, front-to-back — the way Taylor intended for it to be heard — all day long starting at midnight.

12. Taylor Swift has been part of the SiriusXM family since 2008

A frequent guest at the SiriusXM Studios, Taylor has been featured throughout the years on channels including SiriusXM Hits 1The PulseThe Highway, and more.

Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) is a SiriusXM-wide effort. The tortured poets of SiriusXM are working tirelessly to make this the best-sounding representation of Taylor Swift and the vibrant fan community that she’s cultivated over the years.

13. Yes, friendship bracelets are welcome!

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