Alice Cooper talks about his new album ‘Road’ on Hair Nation

Alice Cooper

Released on August 25, 2023, Road is Alice Cooper’s 29th studio album. And it’s not always easy to come up with a fresh idea with so many great albums already in the bank.

Produced by longtime collaborator Bob Ezrin, Road was written, composed, and recorded with his current touring band — Ryan Roxie [guitar], Chuck Garric [bass], Tommy Henrikson [guitar], Glen Sobel [drums], and Nita Strauss [guitar] — about life on the (you guessed it) road.

Speaking with Hair Nation host Mark Strigl, Alice revealed how he and Bob decided to put the concept together.

“The concept’ll be, where do we know’ em? The road. That’s when we see each other all the time,” Alice explained. “I want you guys to write anything about the road. I don’t care if it’s funny, tragic, silly, horrific — it doesn’t matter. And then we’re gonna take it, and we’ll mould those songs into an Alice Cooper album. So it’ll be 13 songs, different stories that tell one big story.”

Alice then required the musicians — in order “to show off how good you are,” he clarified — to record the songs together, live in studio.

“I want everybody to play at the same time. No beds. I don’t want to put a bed track here. I said, ‘You guys are good enough to just play it live,’” he recalled. “What this does, though, is it doesn’t give the song a chance to get old.”

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