Basement Revolver, Dearly Beloved are Ones to Watch on The Verge

Basement Revolver

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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:

Basement Revolver – “Wax and Digital”

A four-piece from Hamilton, Ontario Basement Revolver are back with their new 6 song EP. Singer Chrisy Hurn says the title track is about her “husband, the music that we love together, and how that music has shaped our relationship. In a broader sense, it is about how culture informs our lives…”

Dearly Beloved – “Race to the Bottom”

Toronto-based Dearly Beloved released their new record Time Square Discount back in October. Their first single, “Race to the Bottom” is really an ode to their Grandmothers. As first-generation immigrants, they both ran convenience stores when they arrived in Canada. Singer Niva Chow felt compelled to write something in tribute to their determination.

Peach Pit – “Feelin’ Low (F*ckboy Blues)”

Peach Pit hasn’t released a record since their 2017 debut album Being So Normal. Now signed to Columbia records, it was worth the wait. The lead single was written a number of years ago and frontman Neil Smith said it it was about how disconnected he can get and how he constantly flip-flops between wanting more “connection with the people around me and pulling away to deprive myself of it, it’s a weird cycle I get into.”

Dylan Menzie – “Ivory”

This comes from a sew collaboration from CBC called Collection: Canadian Songs for the Future Inspired by Our Past. As part of the project Menzie was asked to participate by choosing an item from the Canadian Museum of History and to write a song about it. The result, “Ivory,” is a song inspired by the story of a 600+-year-old man and his infant child.

The Anti-Queens – “Worse Than Death”

The first time I listened to this track I put it on repeat for my entire commute to work. It’s catchy and fun as all hell. Toronto’s Anti-Queens were on tour for most of the summer behind their debut full-length album. I love this track and you will too…

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