You’ll get some joy from Billy Idol’s Live Transmission on 1st Wave

Live Transmission Billy Idol

That fist. That face. That sneer. That’s Billy Idol, the instantly recognizable rock icon who had them crying more, more, more during the 1980s. Starting his career as the singer for punk band Generation X, Idol spent the ’80s and ’90s racking up hit after hit, in an impressive solo career that found him a darling of both pop and alternative fans.

Today, along with playing sold out shows, Billy is also the host of Live Transmission, his bi-weekly 1st Wave radio show where he plays classic alternative and punk tracks from the ’80s. Billy regales us with stories from the decade, and also shares music from the era that might have been missed the first time around.

Tune in to Live Transmission with Billy Idol:

Every other Thursday at 8 pm ET on 1st Wave.