Bruce Springsteen hosts a new episode of his SiriusXM show, ‘From My Home To Yours’

Bruce Springsteen

While on break from his acclaimed tour, Bruce Springsteen hosted the first new episode of his exclusive SiriusXM radio show, From My Home To Yours, in nearly two years.

The episode is available anytime on the SiriusXM App and web player and will be rebroadcast on Bruce’s SiriusXM channel, E Street Radio, during the times below.

From My Home To Yours highlights

During the episode, Bruce Springsteen will be joined by Mike Wilson, Mike Domanski and Donnie Powell, members of the mid-’60s Freehold band the Legends, and Craig Caprioni, singer for the Rogues, Springsteen’s very first band.

At one point Bruce asked the special guests for their all-time favorite bands. After a short deliberation, Bruce shared his rock Mount Rushmore, saying, “It’s Beatles, Stones, Animals, that’s how my playlist goes, you know. But any Dave Clark 5 fans?” He later praised DC5 for making “great records” before playing the band’s 1964 single “Any Way You Want It.”

Bruce and his special guests also reminisced about their high school years, playing rock & roll in the local New Jersey music scene, and discussed their musical influences. Of course, the episode also featured their handpicked songs, too, by artists including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Yardbirds, Dave Clark Five, and many more.

From My Home To Yours with Bruce Springsteen Broadcast Schedule (all times ET):

Thursday, 10/12, at 6 pm
Friday, 10/13, at 9 am
Saturday, 10/14, at 5 pm
Sunday, 10/15, at 3 pm