Bruce Springsteen looks back on his career with Tom Hanks

Bruce Springsteen
Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen speak on stage during Tribeca Talks: Bruce Springsteen And Tom Hanks - 2017 Tribeca Film Festival on April 28, 2017 in New York City.

As part of the Tribeca Film Festival, Bruce Springsteen sat down with longtime friend Tom Hanks at the Beacon Theatre, for an intimate conversation.

The duo looked back at Springsteen’s career spanning over 40 years and his unique place in American musical history.

Fans will remember that the Boss won an Oscar for his song Streets of Philadelphia for the Jonathan Demme-directed 1993 film, Philadelphia, which also saw Hanks win his first of two Best Actor Oscars. During their conversation, the duo looked back on the impact working with Demme, who passed away last month, had on both of them.

“He had Neil Young working first,” Springsteen recalled about working with Demme. “Neil came up with ‘Philadelphia,’ which ended the film, and he wanted a rock song for the beginning.”

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