Canada Laughs’ Top 5 Stoner Comics to listen to and watch

October 17th was a day of celebration for many Canadians – marijuana had finally become legal! It only took 95 years but really, who’s counting, am I right?

Since many of you will be lighting up and munching out, I thought I’d share some of my fave stoner comics to listen to and watch, in no particular order:

Joe Rogan:

Rogan is my favourite stoner comic! Maybe it’s because Joe’s not your quintessential “stoner”. He’s a former Tae Kwon Do fighter, he trains in jiu-jitsu, he’s a UFC commentator, and he’s got his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan is the guy you show your parents when they say that weed smokers are lazy. Whenever I watch his stand-up or podcast, it makes me want to get stoned, sure, but I also want to do push-ups and figure out this whole “keto” thing. Since it’s become legal in Canada, you might be thinking, “Maybe I’ll try edibles?” Well here’s a clip of Joe from his 2016 Netflix special Triggered, letting you know just how strong they are these days.

Bryan O’Gorman:

When I think of Canadian stoner comics, Bryan O’Gorman always comes to mind! He’s performed at and hosted pot shows all around Toronto; for years he’s been an outspoken advocate for legalization; he’s constantly touring/writing and he’s got a great new online show called Glorious & Free. On his album The B.O.G. LP, Bryan jokes about his “stoner accent”. I think we’ve all heard that stoned vocal inflection one time or another. It just reminds me of a toque rocking skateboarder with a joint dangling off his ear. Don’t let the stereotypical voice fool you though; Bryan can intelligently break down any situation and find the hilarious hypocrisies within it! Bust out that bong and take a rip to “L’acent De La Stoner”.

Doug Benson:

I could only imagine how much THC is flowing through Doug Benson’s veins! If there’s anyone that can smoke anyone under the table, it’s Benson. He’s got his podcast Getting Doug with High, and he starred in his own documentary Super High Me, where he compared 30 days of pot-free living and 30 days of non-stop use. I’ve never seen someone smoke more than Doug. It always makes me giggle watching him smoke bowl after bowl. On his album, Doug Dynasty, he breaks down the stupidity of marijuana being classified as a schedule 1 drug in America, which puts it alongside hard drugs like meth. Roll yourself a nice one and have a laugh at “Marijuana vs. Meth!”

Mike Rita:

A great Canadian stoner to get some laughs from is Mike Rita. He hosts Stoner Sundays at Toronto’s Vapour Central, he’s performed at 420 events all around Toronto for years, and he’s got that “I wouldn’t mind smoking a joint with this guy” type of vibe. With weed being legal, the days of buying off sketchy people at a parking lot are a thing of the past. Thank goodness for that! Big changes are coming, so what does that mean for future generations? Mike breaks down what it might be like on his track, “The Weed Generation”, off his 2018 album Child of the 90’s.

Joey Diaz:

Joey Diaz is a stoner through and through, but he’s also the most intensely hilarious comedian I’ve ever watched! The man is a comedy freight train running 200 km/hr with no breaks. With the amount of weed he smokes and the quantity of edibles he’s consumed, I don’t know how he could be as energetic as he is on stage. Joey hosts his podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now along with “The Morning Smoke”, a segment on Periscope where he smokes a joint in the morning while giving you the inspiration you need to get your day started! He’s very unapologetic about his smoking not afraid to bust out some bud to get a buzz going. Make sure you watch his special, Sociably Unacceptable, and enjoy this clip of Joey off his podcast where he breaks how he smokes in planes and hotels!

Dave Chappelle:

Okay, hold up! I think I’m getting a contact high from all this weed talk because I’ve apparently forgotten to add Dave Chappelle to my list! Dave is an absolute legend! He’s starred in the stoner cult classic, Half Baked and he’s been openly joking about smoking for years. He’s got a classic bit on his HBO special Killin’ Them Softly about smoking with his friend Chip. For a long time, if you were smoking and you spotted the cops, your stoner instincts would kick in. You’d put out that spliff as quickly as possible, while your friends would simultaneously light up cigarettes and spray Axe to cover the smell. Chip apparently didn’t get the “Oh shit, it’s the cops” memo. Get that dab bowl cooking & have a laugh at Dave Chappelle and Chip.

Honourable Mentions:

Cheech & Chong
Rodney Dangerfield
Jon Steinberg
George Carlin
Mitch Hedberg