Celebrate a Blissmas Christmas with four classic holiday songs

Bruce Springsteen Christmas

Christmas songs are like eggnog; I can stomach them in small doses. But as we all know, if we venture out of our homes and cars to areas where the festive dwell, there is no escaping Christmas music. It’s on a perpetual loop at malls, restaurants, and radio stations — and maybe even at your house.

Admittedly this is a self-serving list. I mean, I called it Blissmas!

But as much as I might switch the channel if the station is playing 24/7 holiday tunes, there are four songs and/or videos that put me in the Christmas spirit, and I simply must hear them every single year. I’m quiet about it. I don’t play them on a loop, but I will share them on my socials to try and rope a few people in.

Remember, just like that gift you thought they would like, these might not be for you. But just try it on.  

Bruce Springsteen: Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town

For me, a massive Bruce fan, who has had the good fortune of seeing him perform this song live, complete with red Santa hat, and the late Big Man doing the ho-ho-hos, this is the song that signifies Christmas is here when I hear it on the radio. And come to think of it, I haven’t heard it yet, so that’s why SiriusXM beats terrestrial radio. The 1934-penned classic, by J. Fred Coots and Haven Gillespie, never sounded cooler than when The Boss has a go.

Keith Richards: Run Rudolph Run

My first-and-foremost favourite rocker recorded Chuck Berry’s 1958 12-bar blues tribute to the mastermind reindeer in 1979, which isn’t surprising considering he was both a friend and admirer of the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer. But he also likely picked it out of all the Christmas songs because of this lyric:  “Said Santa to a boy child, ‘What have you been longing for?’ ‘All I want for Christmas is a rock and roll electric guitar’ And then away went Rudolph a-whizzing like a shooting star.” We suspect that was Keith’s wish every Christmas, even today.

I used this live clip because the other one I found on YouTube of the original recording has the writer of the song wrong (it’s Chuck)

Bing Crosby and David Bowie: Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly: Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy

This is another one — or is that two — that is a must-post on my socials. So really, it’s more the videos than the song. For one, it’s super cool to see “Boooowie” and the “poor relation from America” launch into song (filmed for a 1977 TV special, Bing Crosby’s Merrie Olde Christmas), but then play the Will Ferrell-John C. Reilly replica right after, put out in 2010 on Funny or Die. It’s spectacular. Put on a pastel cardigan to get in the mood.