Celebrate Black Music Month with pop-up channels featuring 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Prince and Whitney Houston + more

Black Music Month

All through June, SiriusXM is spotlighting contributions from Black musicians, singers, songwriters, and composers in celebration of the rich music rooted in African tradition and central to North American culture today.

Notorious Radio

Experience the entire catalogue of The Notorious B.I.G., including songs featuring him and music inspired by the late rapper. Other Hip-Hop artists and luminaries will pay tribute to the rap legend gone far too soon. Hear why Rolling Stone calls B.I.G. “the greatest rapper that ever lived.”

The Prince Channel

Listen to music from all eras of Prince, from his signature funk to slow jams to psychedelic rock. Hear Purple Playlists of Prince favourites from those who knew him best.

The Whitney Channel

The incomparable Whitney Houston continues to inspire and amaze, now with a channel dedicated to her many Pop and R&B classics, along with remixes and live performances. You’ll also hear from celebrities and fellow artists who had the pleasure of knowing and working with Whitney.

The 2PAC Channel

From his early career days to his time at Death Row, and even his posthumous releases—hear all music from the genius of 2PAC. Listen to other artists and celebrities who were “Down For Pac” and get their 2PAC favourites.


Hip Hop Nation
LGBT Panel

In celebration of Pride and Black Music Month, Swaggy Sie moderates a panel with Baby Tate, Kidd Kenn, and Marzz to discuss triumphs, tribulations, and honour artists who represent the LGBT community.

Airs: 6/1 at 7 pm ET

Small Stage Series: 2 Chainz

Grammy Award-winning artist 2 Chainz performs live on air, followed by an interview from Torae.

Airs: 6/17

Shaggy’s Yaad Live!

In honour of Black Music Month and the release of his new album titled Come FLY Wid Mi, Grammy Award-winning reggae icon Shaggy performs in front of a studio audience.

Airs: 6/5 at 3 pm ET

Rebroadcasts: 6/7, 6/9, and 6/11


Heart & Soul
Black Music Month R&B Legends New Edition

R&B legend New Edition joins Cayman Kelly in the VIP Room to celebrate Black Music Month. Hear from each member discuss their individual careers, life in this legendary group, touring together, some classic hits, and more.

Airs: 6/11 at 12 pm ET

Rebroadcast: 6/12 at 8 pm ET

Black Music Month R&B Icon Bobby Brown

Grammy winner and music icon Bobby Brown joins Mike Shannon in front of a live audience at SiriusXM’s LA studio to talk about his documentary and 12-episode docuseries.

Airs: 5/30 at 11 am ET

Rebroadcast: 6/1 at 5 pm ET

Soul Town
Black Music Month Manhattans

From the main stage of the Soul Train Cruise concert series, The Manhattans kick off Black Music Month. They’ll perform and tell some stories behind their hits.

Airs: 6/19 at 5 pm ET

The Groove
Black Music Month with After 7, Jeffrey Osborne, and The Bar-Kays

Enjoy three separate shows with After 7, Jeffrey Osborne, and the Bar-Kays performing and telling the stories behind their hits.

Airs: 6/5, 6/12, and 6/19 at 12 pm ET


Arlo Parks Takes Complete Control of SiriusXMU

British singer-songwriter and poet Arlo Parks became a SiriusXMU favourite in 2020 as she released singles that would eventually appear on her debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams, which earned two Grammy nominations. In honour of Black Music Month, Arlo takes control of SiriusXMU and plays some of her favourite artists.

Airs: 6/9 at 6 pm ET

10s Spot
Black To The Tens

Hear an hour of Pop hits, featuring Black artists from the 2010s including Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West and more.

Airs: 6/9 – 6/12

The Bridge
Taj Mahal Archival SiriusXM Performance

Taj Mahal kicks off Black Music Month with an archival performance.

Airs: 6/5