Celebrate John Lennon’s birthday with a new weekly show and exclusive specials

John Lennon

The Beatles Channel (Ch. 18) is honouring John Lennon’s birthday on October 9th with exclusive programming all week long, including Across the Universe, a new weekly show dedicated to John’s life and music. Listeners will also hear various artists, celebrities and fans paying tribute to John throughout the week. Check out the full broadcast schedule below, and listen to The Beatles Channel now.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Across The Universe

A brand new weekly show dedicated to the life and music of John Lennon, hosted by Dennis Elsas. This week, Dennis features songs that John contributed to the five movies The Beatles released between 1964 and 1970.

October 7 at 11 am (premiere)

October 7 at 9 pm

October 8 at 3 pm

October 9 at 11am

October 11 at 4 pm

October 13 at 11 pm

October 15 at 1pm

Sean Ono Lennon Guest DJ

Musician, songwriter, producer and the only child of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sean Ono Lennon joins host David Fricke in a two-part series, sharing memories of his dad and his favourite solo tracks from his father as well as the rest of The Beatles.

Part 1

October 8 at 1 pm (premiere)

October 9 at 8 am

Part 2

October 8 at 5 pm (premiere)

October 9 at 9pm

8 Songs A Week Times Two

The Beatles Channel listeners take control, ranking their favourite songs connected by a common theme! This week, Meg Griffin hosts a special expanded version in which listeners rank their 16(!) favourite songs sung by John Lennon. It’s 8 Songs A Week… times two!

October 7 at 2 pm (premiere)

October 8 at 10 am

October 9 at 3 pm

October 10 at 1 pm

Fab Fourum

The Beatles Channel’s weekly live talk show hosted by Dennis Elsas, Bill Flanagan and Tom Frangione will be dedicated to John for his birthday weekend, including special guests and your phone calls.

October 5 at 9 pm (premiere)

October 8 at 7 am

October 9 at 6 pm

Way Beyond Compare

Join Beatles expert Tom Frangione as he explores Fab Four alternate takes, live performances and versions of Beatles recordings you’ve never heard before! This week, Tom celebrates John’s birthday by playing rare songs by John and his family.

October 3 at 2 pm (premiere)

October 4 at 11 pm

October 7 at 4 pm

October 9 at 10 am

Apple Jam

Join David Fricke and Tom Frangione for Apple Jam, a show dedicated to the music and artists of Apple Records! This month, Tom and David celebrate John’s birthday by celebrating the contributions he made to Apple Records as a producer, session musician and more.

October 5 at 3 pm (premiere)

October 7 at 11 pm

October 10 at 12 am

Northern Songs

Beatles historian and author Bill Flanagan puts together a themed playlist of hits and rarities by the Fab Four, and this week, he plays John’s songs by The Beatles in honour of John’s birthday.

October 3 at 11 pm (premiere)

October 7 at 12 am

October 8 at 7 pm

October 9 at 6 am

Dark Horse Radio

A weekly show hosted by Laura Cantrell, Dark Horse Radio is dedicated to the music that George Harrison wrote, produced, sang and loved, featuring songs by George, covers of his songs, songs he covered and rarely heard material. This week, Laura highlights the special musical friendship between George and John in celebration of John’s birthday.

October 6 at 3 pm (premiere)

October 8 at 11 pm

October 9 at 4 pm

October 12 at 7 am