Celebrate ‘Let It Be Week’ with exclusive specials on The Beatles Channel

This fall, The Beatles invite everyone everywhere to get back to the chart-topping 1970 album, Let It Be, with a range of beautifully presented Special Edition packages to be released worldwide on Friday, October 15th by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe. In honour of the releases, The Beatles Channel (Ch. 18) will celebrate “Let It Be Week” by airing exclusive specials, which will also be available on the SiriusXM App (see broadcast schedule below).

On January 2, 1969, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr kickstarted the new year together on a cavernous soundstage at Twickenham Film Studios in London. The Beatles jumped into rehearsals for a project envisioned to get them back to where they once belonged: onstage. For 21 days, cameras and tape recorders documented almost every moment: first at Twickenham and then at The Beatles’ own Apple Studio, where Billy Preston joined them on keyboards. Together they rehearsed brand-new originals and jammed on older songs, all captured live and unvarnished.

On January 30, the cameras and recorders were rolling as The Beatles, with Preston, staged what was to be their final concert on the chilly rooftop of their Savile Row Apple Corps headquarters before a small assembly of family and friends and any others who were within wind-carried range of their amps. The midday performance brought London’s West End to a halt as necks craned skyward from the streets and the windows of neighbouring buildings were flung open for a better vantage. A flurry of noise complaints drew police officers to the rooftop, shutting the concert down after 42 minutes.

The sessions that brought about the Let It Be album and film represent the only time in The Beatles’ career that they were documented at such great length while creating music in the studio. More than 60 hours of unreleased film footage, more than 150 hours of unreleased audio recordings, and hundreds of unpublished photographs have been newly explored and meticulously restored for three complementary and definitive Beatles releases this fall. The new Let It Be Special Edition is joined by The Beatles: Get Back, the hotly-anticipated documentary series directed by three-time Oscar®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson, and a beautiful new hardcover book also titled The Beatles: Get Back.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

(All shows will be available on the SiriusXM app as part of a special Let It Be collection)

The Let It Be Story – Hosted by Kevin Howlett

Join Beatles documentarian Kevin Howlett for an exclusive two-part series exploring The Beatles’ Let It Be! The album has just been reissued as a Special Edition Box Set featuring never before released session recordings, rehearsals, studio jams, and the previously unreleased 1969 Get Back LP Mix by Glyn Johns.

Part 1 – Twickenham

October 15 at 9 pm

October 16 at 1 pm and 11 pm

October 17 at 11 am and 9 pm

October 18 at 1 pm

October 20 at 12 am

October 21 at 12 pm

Part 2 – Apple and Beyond

October 15 at 10 pm

October 16 at 2 pm

October 17 at 12 am, 12 pm and 10 pm

October 19 at 12 pm

October 20 at 7 am

October 21 at 4 pm

Northern Songs

Host Bill Flanagan delves into the brand-new Let It Be Special Edition Box Set by spotlighting the 1969 Get Back LP mix by Glyn Johns, which has never been released until now. Hear that and more music produced and/or engineered by Glyn during his legendary career.

October 18 at 11 pm

October 22 at 12 am

October 23 at 7 pm

October 24 at 6 am

Dark Horse Radio

This week, host Laura Cantrell spotlights the contributions from George Harrison on the Let It Be Special Edition Box Set.

October 21 at 3 pm

October 23 at 11 pm

October 24 at 4 pm

October 27 at 12 pm

Way Beyond Compare: Beatles Rarities

Join Beatles expert Tom Frangione as he explores Fab Four alternate takes, live performances, and maybe some versions of Beatles recordings that you’ve never heard before. This week, Tom features outtakes from the brand new Let It Be Special Edition Box Set.

October 18 at 2 pm

October 19 at 11 pm

October 22 at 4 pm

October 24 at 10 am

Fab Fourum

Hosts Dennis Elsas, Bill Flanagan, and Tom Frangione explore the Let It Be Special Edition Box Set and The Beatles: Get Back book.

October 13 at 9 pm

October 16 at 7 am

October 17 at 6 pm