Celebrate National One-Hit Wonders Day on September 25 with SiriusXM’s ONEderland

National One-Hit Wonders Day

There’s a day for everything, isn’t there? Proof positive is National One-Hit Wonders Day, celebrated today (September 25). It’s a day to reflect on the artists who burst onto the scene and into the charts with one incredible song. While these acts may not have replicated their initial successes with later releases, their hit songs remain etched in our memories — and on our playlists!

The good news is, you can hear all the one-hit wonders from throughout the history of music with ONEderland, SiriusXM’s own dedicated channel to the songs and artists to manage to have one big hit and then quietly drift under the radar of popular music.

Celebrate National One-Hit Wonders Day today and every day with SiriusXM’s ONEderland.