Celebrate the release of ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ in the SiriusXM Vaults

Taylor Swift live at SiriusXM in 2019.
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 23: Taylor Swift performs during her SiriusXM's Town Hall Special at SiriusXM Studios on August 23, 2019 in New York City.

Today (Friday, July 7) is a HUGE day for Swifties around the world, as Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) has arrived. As she’s done with both Red and Fearless, Taylor Swift has gone back and rerecorded her third album for all of her fans. First released back in 2010, the original album featured classics like “Dear John,” “Mine,” and “Back To December.”

“It’s here. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s ours,” Taylor wrote on Twitter. “It’s an album I wrote alone about the whims, fantasies, heartaches, dramas and tragedies I lived out as a young woman between 18 and 20. I remember making tracklist after tracklist, obsessing over the right way to tell the story.

To celebrate the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), you can visit the SiriusXM App and discover SiriusXM performances and interviews with Taylor Swift from throughout the years, straight out of the SiriusXM Vaults.

Taylor Swift is currently on The Eras tour, playing to packed stadiums across North America. She recently announced a European leg of the tour. You can find all the details at Taylor’s official website.

About Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

22 Songs
Including 6 previously unreleased Songs From The Vault