Ed Sheeran confirms his album about autumn is ‘ready to come out’


Autumn is coming.

Ahead of his performance at Stephen Talkhouse in the Hamptons for an intimate audience of SiriusXM listeners and A-list guests, Ed Sheeran spilled some major tea in an interview with Andy Cohen about his current musical projects, Taylor Swift, the Super Bowl, and more.

What Is Autumn?

Ed has been teasing the phrase “autumn is coming” on his social media and clothing recently, sparking fan theories about new music. When asked if autumn specifically references a release in October, Ed replied, “Not in October, no, but there is new music coming.”

“It’s an album about autumn, and I kind of have no expectations for it,” he elaborated. “Basically, it was the album I was trying to make and then Subtract happened. So I kind of have, like, finished it over the last year. And, yeah, it’s ready to come out, so I’m gonna put it out.”

You can hear the complete interview with Andy Cohen this Friday, August 18, at 10 am ET on the SiriusXM App.

And don’t forget, the Ed Sheeran Channel is currently available to listen to for a limited time.