Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric talk new album, ‘Formentera II’


This Friday (October 13), Metric releases Formentera II, their ninth studio album and the sequel to last year’s Formentera. The band recorded the new album at their Toronto studios, along with Motorbass Studios in Paris.

Jeff Leake of The Verge recently sat down with Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric at the SiriusXM studios to talk about Formentera II, the band’s upcoming club shows, and much more. You can hear that conversation on The Leake in Review now. As well, check out new music from Metric’s Formentera II on The Verge.

Emily Haines of Metric on “Just The Once”:

The only way I can describe “Just The Once” is to call it “regret disco.” It’s a song for when you need to dance yourself clean. Beneath the sparkling surface, there’s a lyrical exploration of a simple word with many meanings. Once is a word that plays a game of opposites. Once can mean once-upon-a-time and refer to a moment in the past, or it can mean someday, once something happens. And as for doing something only once versus doing something once in a while, well, I think we all know how vast the difference is between the two.