Experience the “Best of Bruce on Tour” on E Street Radio

New Jersey best of bruce on tour

Head to E Street Radio later this month to experience the “Best of Bruce on Tour” special hosted by Jim Rotolo and Greg Drew. Debuting on April 21, the special will spotlight over 50 unique songs Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band have been performing on their 2023 tour (see broadcast schedule below). It will also be available on the SXM App after it airs.

E Street Radio brings you the music of Bruce Springsteen, including studio outtakes, concert recordings, rarities, and more.

For Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band tour dates and tickets, visit brucespringsteen.net/tour.

“Best of Bruce on Tour” Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

April 21 at 9 am and 8 pm

April 22 at 12 pm

April 23 at 3 pm

April 24 at 10 am

April 25 at 6 pm

4/26 at 12 pm

4/27 at 8 pm