‘First Alert’: Rob49 reveals the story behind ‘Vulture Island’ for Hip Hop Nation


Rob49 is an on-the-rise hip-hop artist from New Orleans whose recent track “Vulture Island” was crowned a First Alert by Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44), a series that highlights breakout artists. To celebrate, we asked him a few questions about his upbringing, influence and future plans.

HHN: What is the story behind the “49” in your name?

Rob49: The “49” comes from the two hoods I am from in New Orleans — the 4th ward and the 9th ward.

HHN: A lot of people say that you’re very inspiring and motivating to them. Do you feel like a role model?

Rob49: I do feel like my story is motivation, especially to the new-age New Orleans, just because we never had anyone to look up to who’s actually in the mix and that we actually saw come up from the bottom. So, them seeing me start and where I am now makes them feel like they can do it too.

HHN: Tell us about the story behind your single “Vulture Island” that Hip Hop Nation has made its First Alert?

Rob49: “Vulture Island” got made at a private studio party I was throwing for me and my friends to have some fun. The song was just meant for us to turn up that night, but when it was finished, everyone who was there said it was a hit. By them being in a party environment saying that, I knew it could be a fire party song.

HHN: What’s on your calendar for 2022? Give us the big picture.

Rob49: Just keep working, stay in the studio and let God guide me through life.