Follow The Weather Channel’s live coverage of Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian

SiriusXM and The Weather Channel have teamed up to bring you the latest information and tracking of Hurricane Ian — currently a Category 3 hurricane in Cuba and predicted to strengthen to a Category 4 before again making landfall on Florida’s Gulf coast.

Tune in to channel 512 on the SiriusXM app or web player now for up-to-the-minute coverage as strong winds, heavy rain and flooding are expected. There could be power outages and a storm surge in areas that experience high winds. Stay safe and stay informed.

The fourth hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season following Fiona, Hurricane Ian fully formed in the central Caribbean on Friday. Hurricane and tropical storm watches have now been issued along most of Florida’s west coast, from Key West to the Panhandle, and Governor Ron DeSantis declared a pre-landfall state of emergency for the entire state on Saturday. Ian is expected to make landfall in Florida sometime Thursday.