Get festive with Billboard’s Top 50 decade-spanning holiday hits on SiriusXM

Billboard Holiday Hits Countdown - SiriusXM

If non-stop jingle jams and holiday hits haven’t gotten the best of you yet, then Billboard has just the countdown for you.

Catch fan-favourite yuletide tunes all the way from Frank Sinatra to Mariah Carey as ranked by Billboard during the Top 50 Holiday Hits countdown. The list, based on historical performance on Billboard‘s weekly Holiday 100, includes festive favourites from Pentatonix, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, and many more, available for a limited time on the SiriusXM App now through to Boxing Day (Sunday, December 26th).

You can also catch the countdown on The Blend (Ch. 16) three times a day from Christmas Eve (Friday, December 24th) through to Boxing Day (Sunday, December 26th). And one of the countdown’s 50 songs will play every other hour on SiriusXM’s The Blend.