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This week, The Verge wants to get your ears on these great new tracks:

GRAE– “Your Hands”

Toronto-born singer-songwriter GRAE is back with her second single “Your Hands.” She explained:
“The song is about taking power back after being in a manipulative relationship. Giving everything to someone and allowing the situation to be dictated by them, it was in ‘their hands’ until the tables turned and it wasn’t anymore. You gain your power back and realize your worth and tell this person you’re no longer here for their games.”

Black Pistol Fire – “Well Wasted”

Toronto duo Black Pistol Fire just released their new track “Well Wasted” and we’re seeing consistency in quality from the guys on this one. Lead singer Kevin McKeown is basically rapping on this track over their signature garage southern rock sound. Black Pistol Fire is going to be opening for Glorious Son’s across Canada for most of 2020 so we’ll have to be patient and wait for the news on the rest of the record.

Elephant Stone – “Hollow World”

We’re all waiting for the 6th full-length studio album from Montreal psych-pop group Elephant Stone. Hollow is an ambitious, dystopian sci-fi concept album which is inspired by The Who’s Tommy. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting until Valentine’s Day of 2020 to get the full album but “Hollow World” is the first single.

Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds – “Dead Cold Eyes”

Alex Little & The Suspicious Minds just put out a 2 track EP. Lead singer Alex croons about how she’s “…smiling the despite the fact that literally everything in her world is on fire…

Destroyer – “Crimson Tide”

“Crimson Tide” is definitely my jam of the week, it’s the new Destroyer track from the record Have We Met. This spacy synth-rock song is weird and beautiful for an unrelenting 6 minutes and trust me, I mean that in the best way possible.

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