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Discover your next audio entertainment obsession with Audible and SiriusXM. From best-selling stories to fascinating non-fiction, hear excerpts of the hottest audiobooks across every genre and explore a rotating selection of recommended listens updated every month.

We’ll take you closer to the biggest names and titles with two brand-new series: “Authorized with Audible,” delivering in-depth interviews with today’s most notable authors, and “Audible Editors’ Picks,” featuring audiobook recommendations and insider commentary from the experts.

You’ll also find shows like “Chapter and Verse,” where writers you know talk about the music that inspires them, plus audio titles exploring the arts, health and wellness, sports, and beyond.

Chapter and Verse

“Chapter and Verse” features notable authors talking about music, from the way it inspires the creative process to its influence on their latest works, inviting you into their literary worlds through sound.

Authorized with Audible

Go inside the minds of today’s most notable authors on “Authorized with Audible” as they sit down with the Audible Editors to answer thought-provoking questions about their lives and work. Get to know the people behind the words straight from the source.

Audible Editors’ Picks

Get the inside scoop from the Audible Editors as they trade audiobook recommendations, share insider commentary, and more during “Audible Editors’ Picks.” Your next listening obsession is at your fingertips, personally curated by the team who listens for a living.